F45 Training, the world’s fastest growing functional fitness network, has launched its 22nd 8 Week Challenge. The last F45 Challenge saw approximately 100,000 participants worldwide, with three males and three females crowned Challenge champions.

The results speak for themselves with one of the female winners losing 12.5 kgs, reducing her total body fat by 12 per cent and the global male winner losing 25.5 kgs and reducing his total body fat by 17.6 per cent in just 56 days.

In addition to the ‘People’s Champion’, which will be announced on conclusion of the 8 Week Challenge on 23 June 2019, F45 has now introduced two additional categories to members – ‘Greatest Weight Loss (kg)’ and ‘Greatest Body Fat Reduction (percentage)’.

The male and female winners of the ‘People’s Champion’ will each win $12,000 AUD in cash and the male and female winners of each new category will win a $3,000 AUD holiday to a destination of their choice.

Dubbed Australia’s largest body transformation program, the 8 Week Challenge is designed to give participants life-changing results – both physically and mentally – in a motivating, community environment. It combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with a full meal plan and ongoing fitness and nutritional support.

The 8 Week Challenge provides members support through The Challenge Portal, a nutrition hub that assists members in achieving their health and fitness goals including meal plans, shopping lists, video content, nutritional articles, 45-point goal tracking system, stats tracker and recipe library. Members have the option of three meal plans – Mainstream, Vegetarian and Vegan and have the choice to swap between all three diets that are all based on the same calorie count.

The Challenge is live all year round and is run four times a year in studios, with a maintenance program in between each Challenge.