Sheay Wheeler provides a simple and effective game plan for fit-pros to bring old customers back into their facility and to get them back on track.

We’ve all been there… whether you’re a trainer, instructor, manager or owner, we’ve all seen clients and members we love move on from our facilities.

That doesn’t have to be the end of that person’s journey with us though.

By keeping the right mindset and implementing a handful of simple strategies, you can bring former clients and members back on board with a much higher rate than you might realise!

In Episode 373 of the Fitness Business Podcast I discuss some of the key strategies I use to consistently re-ignite former clients including:

  • How to “earn the right” to ask them back in the first instance.
  • How to give the best break up ever.
  • A little tip that regularly gives me the greatest return on investment for my efforts

By listening to my “In the Trenches” conversation with Dori I’m confident I can help you re-engage a large pool of potential clients and members you might well have been overlooking.

Check out Sheay’s presentation on The Fitness Business Podcast: