Troy Morgan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Willows Group, recently chatted with Les Mills Asia Pacific’s Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Hogan, about the introduction and impact of LES MILLS Virtual on the members at Willows Health and Lifestyle Centre in Toowoomba, Queensland.

“Since implementing LES MILLS Virtual in our cycle room five months ago,

visits have grown by 26 per cent” – Troy Morgan, CEO Willows Group

Having been part of the community since the 1970s, Willows Health and Lifestyle Centre is a Toowoomba icon.

Troy Morgan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Willows Group. He says:

“Willows launched LES MILLS™ Virtual in our main studio in July 2021, after having launched our cycle rooms for RPM™ and SPRINT™ back in February – which were received really well. The reception to this latest launch was also fantastic, and the key to that was the support and advice provided by Les Mills Asia Pacific.”

“Virtual should be provided as a supplement to our current fitness offering, rather than as an alternative or something that will take over or replace the existing classes. Once you clearly convey this message and it’s understood by your members, your team and your community, it really works.”

“We had one member, who was steadfastly devoted to face-to-face classes, tell us in no uncertain terms that offering Virtual cycling was the worst thing we could do; only to come back three weeks after it launched to tell us that it was the best thing we’d done in 14 years!”

“We’ve programmed Virtual into our timetables and it’s surprised us how quickly its popularity has grown, and also how the members have been using it. Once they understood there are timetabled Virtual classes, but that they can actually come in anytime to do any class they want to, we ended up having waiting lists for the Virtual classes.”

“Since implementing LES MILLS Virtual in our cycle room five months ago, visits have grown by 26 per cent. So it will be interesting to see what happens in the long term, with Virtual in our group fitness room.”

“The key is to incorporate Virtual into your overall offering and clearly conveying exactly how that actually supplements what your members and staff are already doing. Also, use the expertise of Les Mills Asia Pacific, who will help you identify the right marketing lead up, the messaging, and how it can incorporate into your whole system and business.”

Les Mills Asia Pacific will be monitoring and sharing the ongoing impact of LES MILLS Virtual at Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre. Keep an eye on to stay updated.

LES MILLS Virtual is one of a number of solutions that Les Mills offers to support clubs and facilities during COVID-19 and beyond. To learn more or to find out how LES MILLS Virtual can help you better engage your members and attract new ones, speak to your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.


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