Product range extension: five new products added to the existing 15.

PURE – the most innovative plate loaded line in the industry, developed starting from Technogym’s extensive experience in athletic performance training as Official Supplier to the last eight Olympic Games and many international elite athletes – is completed with the addition of five new products to the existing 15 and with the introduction of the brand new Glute Builder Training.

The extensive PURE range allows operators to select the equipment they need for their training floor, as well as to create workout circuits dedicated to specific programs and new population clusters. The new Glute Builder Training is an excellent example of an innovative way to attract new customer groups looking for improving their body aesthetics.

The five new products that Technogym is introducing cover a mix of timeless exercises – including Hack Squat, the very first equipment Nerio Alessandri, Technogym’s Founder and CEO, designed in his garage 35 years ago that marked the birth of the company –  and some new big trends in training:

  • HIP THRUST – re-defines one of the all-time favourite exercises. The big, multi-angle foot platform offers 3 different footholds for a diversified muscle activation. The ergonomic pelvic pad can be opened with a simple turn, making the equipment easily accessible and removing any undesired pressure in the pelvic area while performing the exercise.
  • STANDING ABDUCTOR – progress your glutes training and improve your results using plates overload. The specially-designed physio cam of the Standing Abductor allows optimal activation of the glutes through the whole range of movement so that every degree counts. The big pads and the multi-position handle ensure superior comfort for all users without the need for adjustments.
  • HACK SQUAT – brings users the benefits of squatting with variety in a controlled and effective manner. The automatic safety stop and the extra-large foot platform allow to safely perform squats, squat jumps, lunges and jumping lunges, either double or single legged. The most demanding users can enjoy up to 400 Kg of max load and can take advantage of the loading and de-loading elastic bands attachments to finely tune the resistance profile.
  • PULL OVER – the complete exercise for the upper body, Pure Pullover not only makes it safe and easy, but also, thanks to its specially designed physio cam, distributes the load equally along the whole range of movement. The Easy Start and the featured multiple handles enable users with all degrees of shoulder mobility to safely perform the exercise.
  • SEATED CALF – different from other calf raise exercises, the Pure Seated Calf isolates work on the soleus muscle specifically (versus the gastrocnemius). The fine-tuned biomechanics make the mechanical lever of the feet more stable and rigid, resulting in a stronger, safer and overall more effective push. It perfectly works together with the Pure Calf to fully develop one of the hardest muscles to train.

In line with Technogym’s commitment towards innovation, PURE movement trajectories are the result of detailed biomechanics researches aimed at defining the best balance between natural movement, safety and maximum muscle activation. For every single piece of equipment, Technogym’s research center has tested users of all different types in order to ensure a workload which is distributed throughout the entire movement trajectory and which produces the optimum exercise activation and experience.

Additionally, the ergonomics and visual flags guides users to the correct training position in order to ensure maximum effectiveness, Pure’s special high-density upholstery guarantees maximum stability and comfort during exercise offering a reduction of 35% peak pressure on lower back compared to other paddings, and textured handgrips ensure maximum grip in order to prevent lateral slipping and distribute the workload more evenly.

PURE range is also fully integrated within Technogym’s digital Ecosystem: by downloading the Mywellness app, members can view exercise videos, check their training programs and add exercises manually and keep track of all activities. For each of use every equipment if fitted with a QR code that allows users to scan and get immediate guidance.

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