The number one podcast on the planet for fitness business owners has found its new host!

Show owner and producer Justin Tamsett is pleased to announce Dori Nugent will be the new host of The Fitness Business Podcast from the 1st July.

“We launched an International casting call for our new host and had 55 applicants who then went through a rigorous selection process. They were ranked by International judges on their applications. Applicants then had video interviews and finally the listeners had an opportunity to have their say. At every stage, applicants were ranked and Dori was consistently at the top of the rankings!”

“Dori’s enthusiasm for the industry after 22 years is infectious and we know people will feel inspired when they hear her with the guest. Her management and leadership experience will allow her to take guests to a deep level of implementation actions so listeners get even more value from the show.”

Dori said:

“Wow, what an amazing opportunity! I am honored to have been selected by the International judging panel, the FBP family, as well as JT and Chantal! Thank you to everyone involved and I look forward to continuing to grow the tradition of excellence.”

The current host, Chantal Brodrick, who helped launch the podcast in 2015 said:

“I’m excited to pass the microphone to Dori.  I was so impressed with the due diligence she went to in order to understand the role.  The listeners will love her.”

Dori will begin her hosting duties from 1st July and this will be just the beginning of new initiatives the Fitness Business Podcast will launch.

About The Fitness Business Podcast
Since launching in 2015, The Fitness Business Podcast has produced over 280 weekly shows to help fitness business owners, managers, career individuals and entrepreneurs lead, manage and run their businesses. Each week the show invites leading business experts, coaches, authors and owners from around the world to share their expert advice on a specific topic, make book recommendations and end each show with Fitbizpiration – 3 specific actions listeners can do. In 2019 The Fitness Business Podcast celebrated over half a million downloads.

For more information, please contact: 
Justin Tamsett – +61 499 088 623