Singapore’s fitness and wellness industry now represented by the Singapore Fitness Alliance.

The Singapore Fitness Alliance (SFA) officially launched today in Singapore. The SFA is a non-profit industry association / alliance, that represents Singapore’s fitness and wellness industry and champions the incredible value it offers to the culture, community, health and wellbeing of Singapore.

50 companies have formed as Founding Members, including Singapore’s largest and most influential clubs, gyms, studios, suppliers, advisors and solution providers, to work along the Singapore Government to help connect, strengthen and grow this important market within the wider health ecosystem.

Sean Tan, Director of True Group and the SFA’s Inaugural President said:

Singapore’s fitness industry has delivered huge health benefits to Singapore, well before and throughout the current COVID pandemic. We are excited about how our industry can work together, to collaborate further, and to ensure more people become healthier and happier, whilst improving their overall health, immunity and wellbeing“.

Ross Campbell, CEO of FIT Summit and Secretary of the SFA, added:

We will work hand-in-hand with anyone wanting to help develop Singapore’s fitness and wellness industry and invite any interested parties to connect with us today“.

The SFA’s first Virtual Call for Members will be in mid-February. For more information on the SFA please visit or contact us via the below.

Sean Tan
Director, True Group and President, Singapore Fitness Alliance

Anil Chugani, Managing Director, Fitness First Singapore and Vice President, Singapore Fitness Alliance

Ross Campbell
Founder and CEO, FIT Summit and Secretary, Singapore Fitness Alliance
[N.B. FIT Summit is a proud Founding Member of the SFA and have volunteered our communication platform to the SFA for their launch]