Two of the most trusted names in fitness education have united in a move that will ultimately strengthen industry.

In a move designed to strengthen the Australian fitness industry, Australian Fitness Network (Network) and the Australian Institute of Fitness (the Institute), have combined forces.

Network and the Institute have a long held association. Some years ago the Institute set about becoming the country’s leading RTO for fitness qualifications, while Network’s Directors took the strategic decision to focus on the ongoing professional development of industry professionals.

The new business structure will see Network continuing to operate independently, but with greater access to the wealth of skills and resources afforded by its closer alignment to the biggest name in fitness professional qualifications.

Discussing the decision to bring the businesses together, Steve Pettit, CEO of The Institute, said that the Institute’s reputation as one of the most respected names in industry qualifications, and Network’s renown as a trusted provider of information and professional development meant that the synergy of the two companies was a natural progression;

‘With the Institute providing the gateway to the industry for new fitness professionals, and Network delivering the ongoing education and support that these professionals need to stay at the top of their game, it makes perfect sense to bring the two parts of the equation together. In doing so we can offer a ‘full service’ that qualifies the professionals our country needs and then supports their ongoing growth and career success.’

‘The alignment of the businesses will also provide the platform to both strengthen existing industry partnerships of Network and the Institute, and to build new ones.’

Reflecting on the development, Network co-founder Greg Hurst said that Network’s aim has always been to provide Australian fitness professionals with the best available ongoing education and support to help them forge long and rewarding careers in the industry;

‘When Nigel Champion and I started Network over thirty years ago, our vision was to elevate Australian fitness professionals to be the best in the world. The industry has changed a lot over three decades, and so has Network. We’ve changed our name, and our offerings, but we’ve always stayed true to our vision, making it the guiding principle of every course we’ve delivered, every piece of information we’ve published and every resource we’ve created. As Network moves into this next stage with the Institute, I have every confidence that the stronger opportunities afforded by the partnership will enable Network to take this to the next level for the benefit of its members, graduates of the Institute, and the wider fitness professional community.’