Virtuagym launches free at home solution to support clubs affected by coronavirus.

Virtuagym, a provider of online and mobile coaching technology has launched ‘Virtuagym @Home’, a free online exercise platform for clubs and studios.

As more clubs are forced to shut during the Coronavirus pandemic, Virtuagym decided to push its product team to come up with a solution to allow fitness businesses to keep providing a workout service during these challenging times.

In order to support fitness businesses worldwide, Virtuagym is providing this virtual training solution completely license free during the outbreak, so studios and clubs can offer a virtual alternative for their business to help avoid contract cancelations and maintain membership revenue.

Virtuagym @Home combines Virtuagym’s Virtual Trainer workout solution with optional streaming workout videos, which are seamlessly integrated into a mobile and web-based platform. It comes with other powerful features such as progress and nutrition tracking.

Virtuagym @Home is available for free for current customers as part of their license and gyms and studios who are not yet a customer can use it license free during the Coronavirus outbreak. The optional streaming Video On Demand has been made available with large discounts to help enhance the digital experience. Virtuagym@Home is completely license free for new Virtuagym customers. One of the largest Dutch gym chains Trainmore already implemented Video On Demand for all members to provide them with a home exercise solution, directly through the Trainmore app.

The Virtual Trainer solution allows members to access many workouts that can all be done from the comfort of a member’s living room. It includes workouts with bodyweight, dumbbells, elastic bands and body and mind exercises, which are instructed by male and female virtual trainer avatars.

Video On Demand: This new feature offers hundreds of third-party streaming workout videos available in the Virtuagym@Home app and web portal. They can be viewed on an app, tablet, computer or TV. The Video On Demand program offers digital workouts that members can do at home without any additional equipment and different categories, from fitness workouts, cardio, Zumba, HIIT training, dancing to meditation and yoga classes.

Virtuagym has partnerships in Australia with virtual group exercise provider Fitness On Demand and supports fitness franchise, Jetts Fitness.

Virtuagym supports more than 15 million consumers, over 6,000 health clubs and more than 30,000 trainers worldwide.

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