Virtual fitness innovator Wellbeats and global market leader Wexer have announced they are entering into a strategic partnership that will make Wellbeats’ on-demand fitness classes available to gyms and health clubs through the Wexer platform.

Content sharing is the basis of this new alliance, as Wexer CEO Paul Bowman explains:

“This important new partnership allows us to offer the excellent content Wellbeats has produced to our approximately 4,000 gyms across more than 50 countries. This is exciting for us as it sits perfectly with our mission: to make world-class exercise accessible to everyone, getting more people active by harnessing the power of technology.”

The strategic alliance will give Wexer clients access to more than 400 classes on the Wellbeats’ platform, including a newly launched Recovery channel and a soon-to-be-released Running/Walking channel, featuring Olympic distance runner Carrie Tollefson.

“Wellbeats has many years’ experience in creating compelling content, with particular expertise in appealing to those new to group exercise. This is therefore an incredibly valuable addition to our content portfolio: our virtual classes already act as a confidence-building stepping stone for many, with 32 percent of people currently using them to prepare for live classes. The availability of Wellbeats classes on our platform will no doubt push these figures even higher.”

“On-demand, virtual fitness is a new, but rapidly growing category that can help club owners engage members and contribute to member retention efforts,” said Jason Von Bank, president and CEO of Wellbeats.

“Together, Wellbeats in the US and European-based Wexer play significant roles in that growth and bringing virtual fitness into the homes across the world. We are excited to be able to bring two powerful and influential brands together in this way.”

The Wellbeats content became available on the Wexer platform on 1st May 2019.