Former elite athlete Amanda Bisk partners with Vitruvian FORM, the ultimate innovation in resistance training.

Australian pole vaulter, Exercise Physiologist, online coach and yoga teacher @Amandabisk has joined Vitruvian Form as an ambassador and expert coach. She’s working on adding new workout material to Vitruvian Form classes.

Amanda said:

“I am impressed with the V-Form Trainer and the V-Form App. The V-Form Trainer enables you to train all major and minor muscle groups in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to buy all different equipment, screw squat racks into your wall or think about where to store everything.”

Vitruvian Form is Australian technology and fitness. Innovative, intelligent hardware and potentially unlimited connectivity unlocks a is a serious game-changer in the world of smart world of weight racks, PT sessions and gym classes in your own home.

The V-Form Trainer is slim-form carbon-fibre platform packs real punch, generating up to 200kg (450lb) resistance. Intelligent technology reads your strength capacity and tendencies, and adjusts accordingly.

Programmed with sophisticated algorithms by a team of industry leaders in sport science, physics and athletic training, the device interprets how you like to train, so it will constantly push you towards a harder, stronger and healthier workout.

The V-Form App communicates with the V-Form Trainer to execute and track every workout.

Containing hundreds of coached sessions and classes and the ability to customise workout plans by tapping into a massive visual catalogue of exercises.

View full workout history, track performance data and chart progress over time. Elite Athletic Resistance Training.

Find your perfect Form:

How it works

Responsive – Intelligent technology, stay in control

  • Adaptively reacts to your capabilities
  • Intelligent weight load eliminates guesswork
  • Responds to simple physical commands

Smart – Track performance data, optimise progress

  • V-App tracks and synthesises raw output
  • Map gains to optimise progress and achieve PBs

Physical – Full range eccentric workouts

  • Up to 200kgs resistance and accessories for full-range flexible training
  • Perpetual in-tension physicality activates muscles optimally over full range of motion

Personal – Coached by V-Trainer, Spotted by V-App

  • Immersive virtual training sessions
  • Innovative algorithmic technology
  • Flexible accessories to go your own way

Connected- Train solo, motivate  together

  • The complete in-home fitness solution
  • Share your #vformgoals with the Form Farm and push to the top of in-app rankings

Designed – Sophisticate form, Simple storage

  • Ergonomic and lightweight at 25kgs
  • Carbon fibre with sleek charcoal finish
  • Customisable LEDs, full colour spectrum in-App