Byron Bay based health company 180 Nutrition are celebrating over 2.5 million worldwide downloads interviewing world leading experts in health and wellness.

“You’d be forgiven for thinking that working in the fitness industry would contribute to helping clients become healthier. Unfortunately, what we’ve experienced was the opposite,” says 180 Nutrition Founder Stuart Cooke.

In 2013, 180 Nutrition recorded their first interview with ancestral health expert Nora Gedgaudas to be distributed via their podcast called ‘The Health Sessions’, after witnessing limited results from mainstream nutrition and lifestyle advice available.

The Health Sessions’ was created to engage with wide a range of health experts, challenge conventional thinking and share cutting edge research and discoveries along the way.

Having interviewed hundreds of guest experts to date and over 2.5 million worldwide downloads.

Founder Stuart Cooke said the information, advice and strategies they discovered were nothing short of amazing.

“Metabolic scientists, geneticists, medical doctors, investigative journalists, movie directors, the range of guests are so diverse. We found out that there is an entire online movement of pioneering health professionals who are openly discussing and sharing their latest research, ” says Mr Cooke.

As well as turning the conventional food pyramid upside down, the advice that Mr Cooke now incorporates into his daily routine includes:

  • Using the proven science of positive thinking to boost immunity
  • Blocking blue light in the evening for a deeper restorative sleep
  • Decreasing daily exercise for greater health gains
  • Replacing healthy whole grains with more natural fats.

Mr Cooke said:

“If you are willing to invest a little of your time you have the opportunity to learn some very actionable strategies to really improve your health and wellbeing. In an industry saturated with synthetic solutions our goals are to provide ‘genuinely’ healthy products and the latest available health information so our customers can live their best lives. We’ve been working hard in the background with a partner in the health space on a range of products that address gut health. We’re excited and hope to launch the first of these early in the new year.”

Listener Testimonials

“I LOVE your podcasts!!! Thank you so much for making my weekly drives from the Gold Coast to Brisbane return on the crazy M1 enjoyable. I’ve listened to so many great interviews and hope they’ll be many more to come” – Sharon Ryder

“Love this podcast. It has introduced me to so many interesting people and new ideas that have really changed my thinking about diet and health, and inspired me to start experimenting myself.” – Nora

All interviews are recorded using video Skype and then transcribe the conversation so it can be read in article format too.

180 Nutrition have catalogued all of their interviews that can be viewed, read or downloaded for free from