Digital fitness expert Wexer is delighted to announce the appointment of Jake Shand as its new US Head of Business Development.

An experienced senior marketer with a strong track record in managing, building and leading major B2C and B2B businesses – both within and outside of the fitness sector –  Shand’s recent roles have also seen him develop strong expertise in the digital realm.

Robert Louw, Global Head of Business Development at Wexer confirms:

“Jake’s is a diverse skillset that spans digital, marketing and sales, encompassing everything from team development to customer engagement to subscription modelling, strategic business planning to brand positioning to product development, and more besides.”

“This perfectly complements Wexer’s collaborative way of working – an approach that prioritises partnership, customer relationships and working together to drive success. For us, sales isn’t just about selling; our sales team members need to be multi-faceted.

“We’re therefore very pleased to be have such a dynamic, versatile individual coming in to lead our US sales team, and looking forward to seeing how Jake’s balance of creativity and strategic insight can add value to our US team, our customers and the broader business.”

Shand says:

“As a lover of digital, design and human connection, I’ve worked across the music, media, fashion, retail, fast-food and fitness industries, holding senior roles in marketing and general management at Beachbody, Les Mills International, Stuff, Burger King and McDonald’s.”

“I’m excited to now be returning to the fitness and wellbeing sector, and specifically to be working with digital market leader Wexer, whose mission to bring world-class fitness to digital communities around the world absolutely resonates with my own passions.

“As a leader, I believe my job is to make change happen, connecting with people, customers, my team and suppliers so we leave our businesses better than when we joined them, the world a better place than when we got there, and having helped more people get what they want and where they want to be.

“There’s no better industry to do that in than fitness and wellbeing, and within this sector, it’s digital that’s leading the charge.

“I’m excited to get going and fortunate to be joining an already strong US team. I look forward to working with them to bring digital fitness to even more people, as well as supporting Wexer’s existing partners to continued and growing success.”