Do something amazing for the mental health of your friends, family and community…

A note from Di Westaway, Chief Adventure Chick at Wild Women on Top…

“At our recent inaugural Adelaide Coastrek – our first event in partnership with mental health charity Beyond Blue – were brought to tears by the courage and generosity of our community. We were touched so deeply by the personal experiences of many of our hikers as they selflessly and bravely shared their stories to bring light into the darkness and ease the struggles of others.”

“Many of our hikers had loved ones with depression or anxiety and some had lost friends or family to suicide. After seeing the anguish in the eyes of hikers such as Noelene, whose daughter Jess took her own life, and Naomi, who lost her son to suicide, I’m even more resolved to help those experiencing mental health issues.”

“It was heartbreaking, yes, but the day was also full of hope. What we witnessed was love in motion, as people found ways to support a cause that often feels so hopeless. Through hiking together in nature, we can begin to heal. And that, in itself, is power.”

“We need to step up and unite to share what we know to be true about the power of walking to lift mood and improve mental health and wellbeing. This movement is about saving lives, and you can help.”

“If you want to support the mental health of your friends, family and community, grab your gang and join us for our free Mental Health Hike on Sunday 14th October at 7am and walk 6km along the coast from North Bondi to Bronte, Sydney. If you’re not in Sydney but want to plan your own mental health hike, please email and we can help you get started.”

“Together, we can begin to improve the dire statistics. We can add hope and resilience to this movement. We can walk our way to wellbeing, for ourselves, our families, and our communities.”

Please RSVP here or for more information visit