Activewear, we don’t just wear it to the gym anymore, we are seen having brunch in it, doing the shopping or actually doing less active activities like sitting around the house.

According to Ibis World, the industry producing fitness and athletic clothing has thrived in the last five years and is now a $2 billion market! But it won’t stop there. As we continue to become a more health conscious nation, this number is set to increase.

As active wear becomes increasingly popular, the need for good quality clothing is also in demand by customers. But, as a nation who love a ‘bargain’ some Australian’s don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for clothes that are essentially designed for the gym, we already pay enough in gym memberships.

To appeal to our hip pocket, in 2017, Tanya O’Gorman had the vision to provide Australian women active wear designed for all types of fitness levels, whether it is yoga or the gym, that doesn’t cost the earth to buy. At that moment Yoga Valley Fit (YVF) was born, an activewear clothing line, producing high quality and stylish pieces.

“My goal has been to create a comfortable, functional yoga and activewear range that doesn’t lack in quality and is moderately priced to be affordable to everyone. I was sick of buying expensive active wear, but I was also buying cheaper items that would fall apart after a few washes,” said the owner of Yoga Valley Fit, Tanya O’Gorman. Designed in Australia, YVF produces a limited range of styles so customers will always look original. However, the best attribute of YVF is their mission is to encourage a healthy lifestyle by providing the right tools to motivate customers to be the best and healthiest version of themselves. I also want to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle – that includes yoga and resistance training in their exercise regimes. The website also contains a blog to help people get started on their journey,” continued Tanya.

The website provides an easy to use system for customers to purchase original activewear pieces, along with recipes and great health tips and tricks to kick start any new fitness goals.

To see the range of activewear on offer, go to

About Yoga Valley Fit

YVF is a socially conscious activewear clothing brand that wants to provide you with high quality, long lasting yoga and activewear basics.

Don’t need the butterfly prints? Want just the basics? We’ve got you covered. Designed in Australia we produce a limited range so that you will always look original. It also allows us to prevent the overproduction of styles so that we aren’t wasting resources and contributing to excess waste in the world.

Quality is of utmost importance to us. Activewear should be able to endure some pretty tough situations and shouldn’t wear out after one season. All the items in our range have undergone quality control and product testing to ensure that we have selected the most suitable fabrics and designs for exercise.